Wado Kai Katas

Kata in Wado-Kai refers to a predefined series of movements simulating a confrontation against one or more opponents.
These movements include blocks, strikes, kicks, stances, and transitions, all performed in a specific sequence.

Pinan Series: A set of five kata designed for beginners, focusing on fundamental techniques and principles.

Naihanchi: Kata emphasizing close-range fighting and circular movements.

Bassai: Emphasizes powerful, linear movements and dynamic shifting of stances.

Seishan: Focuses on rapid strikes, grappling techniques, and controlling an opponent at close range.

Chinto: Incorporates intricate hand techniques, circular movements, and sudden changes in direction.

Practicing kata involves meticulous attention to detail, precise execution of techniques, and understanding the underlying principles of each movement. It is an essential aspect of training for all students, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

The Pinan Series of Katas

The Katas to 1st Dan

The Advanced Dan Grade Katas

The Advanced Dan Grade Katas

Kyu Grading