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The Jewel Karate Club

Wado Kai - Karate Do

Teaching Wado Kai Karate Do in Musselburgh, and Haddington

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Classes We Offer

Teaching Sporting and Traditional Style Wado Kai Karate Do in Musselburgh, and Haddington

Junior Classes

The Junior Karate classes are for primary school children, (from 4 to 11 years old). Students will learn the fundamentals moves and basic karate techniques his will develop into combination techniques as they move though their Mon Gradings (coloured belts). During this time students have the opportunity to participate in club, local, and even national competitions.

Senior Classes

The Senior Karate classes cater for high school students and adults. In these classes, seasoned practitioners will not only reinforce their fundamental moves and basic karate techniques but also progress into more advanced techniques as they navigate through the Kyu Gradings system (tabb and coloured belts). Throughout their training, senior karate students are encouraged to engage in various opportunities, including club events, local competitions, national, and the chance to participate in national teams.

Family Classes

Our Family Karate classes provide a dynamic and inclusive environment suitable for participants of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a parent, primary or high school student, these classes offer a blend of fundamental moves and basic karate techniques that seamlessly transition into more advanced combination techniques. Emphasizing a sense of community, our family classes encourage engagement in club events, and competitions, fostering a shared martial arts journey for every member of the family.

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